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Potato Grow Bag

Did you know that 30% of potatoes are wasted before they even reach the supermarket? End the epidemic and grow nourishing and tasty potatoes in your own home using these easy start potato grow bags!


Getting started is easy, all you'll need is a bag of good potting mix from a local garden store (sorry, we can't sell these). Once you've got that you'll need to prepare a potato "seed".

Preparing the potato seed

This bit is easy and super intuitive, it just takes a bit of patience.

  1. Get a potato and leave it in the dark, after a while it'll start to form small knobs that protrude from the potato skin, these are referred to as "eyes" and are basically the start of new root growth.
  2. Most of the time there will be multiple eyes on one potato, so you can cut the potato so that you get multiple sections that each have their own root.
  3. Place the cut pieces in a dark area so that the cut flesh of the potato hardens up and dries. You can also place the potato eye in a tiny amount of water (without drenching the rest of the potato), so that the eye starts to form proper roots.
  4. After a week you should have some good roots coming out of the potato. At this point you're ready to plant out into the pot!
Planting and growing the seed

Now that you've got your seed potato ready to go, you'll need to start planting it!

  1. Full the bag with 5cm of good quality potting mix.
  2. Add 4-6 of the seed potato segments to the bag, evently spaced out.
  3. Cover wtih 5cm of potting mix
  4. Water thoroughly to wet all the soil in the bag, and place the bag in a sunny position.
  5. Water as required over the next few weeks
  6. Over the next few weeks you will start to see leaves forming. When the first set of leaves emerges 10cm out of the soil, this is when you can start adding more soil. 
  7. Add 5cm of potting mix so that the potato leaves are emerging 5cm above the soil.
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 over the next few weeks.
  9. When the plants start to die away - that means it's reached the end of it's life, and the potatoes are ready to be harvested! Simply open the side of the bag and dig around for some freshly grown potatoes!

These woven felt grow bags are durable and well-made bags that won't crack, or degrade with impact or UV damage. By creating a breathable mesh, the air that flows past the bag actively prunes plant roots in a process called "air pruning". This encourages the roots near the centre of the bag to spread out and occupy more of the bag - preventing issues that can occur with root clumping that can lead to root rot.


Packed with features - this grow bag is a no brainer for the potato enthusiast.

  • Volume (L): 15L

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    Eugenie Cole
    Great set of grow bags!

    Decided to upgrade to proper potato grow bags and so far they have been great. Having three means I've been able to stagger crops and my first lot just got their first soil top-up. Will be great to have constant potatoes on the go once they're established. Good quality product and fast shipping :)