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Postage and Delivery

We're committed to the fast, correct, and sustainable delivery of orders. We love being as transparent as possible to help ensure that you get the best possible service from our warehouse team!


Gathera ships world wide, using Australia post or equivalent postal carriers. Orders in Australia and New Zealand are shipped from our warehouse in Sydney. If you are a UK or EU customer, your orders will be shipped from our warehouse in Bristol - please visit our UK store for more information.

AU orders over $120 qualify for free domestic postage* 

* Rural post codes between:  3200-3799, 4300-4900, 4184, 5202-5735, 6211-6770, 803-886, 2898-2899, 6798-6799 and 7150-7151, are not eligible for free shipping

Note: all New Zealand orders are shipped from our Australian warehouse. Shipping times typically range between 5-10 buisness days.

* Note New Zealand orders do not have free shipping

Australia Post is our preferred carrier, see our postage page for more location specific details on postage times.

Note: large items like the Sun Shelf and Family Farm cannot be shipped to PO Boxes.


Handling Times

We offer same day fulfilment before 10am for all items except for our Family Farms and Sun Shelves.



We understand many of our products are bought as gifts and we do our best to make sure that our packaging is neat and sustainable, but also robust to handle any rough rides across our massive continent.

The vast majority of our products are packed in cardboard boxes or compostable biobags. If you do receive any products packed in single use plastic - please rest assured that this has been upcycled from our suppliers who we have low order volumes with and are therefore unable to dictate a zero plastic policy with. We use minimal plastic and are working toward zero waste. For more on what we're doing to minimise our envionmental impact, please visit our blog post on gathera and the environment.


Delivery times - Australia

Delivery times and costs vary based on your location. Shipping and handling fees are calculated and added to your order at the checkout. If you would like to get a quote for postage before going to checkout, you may use the postage calculator in our cart page.Typical postage times for regular post in Australia can be found in the table below:
Days to deliver Postcodes covered
Sydney Metro up to 2 1000,1920, 2000-2239,2555-2574,2740-2786
NSW Country up to 3 1921-1999,2240-2483,2500-2554,2575-2599,2621-2647,2649-2714,2716,2720-2730,2787-2880
Canberra Metro up to 2 0200-0299,2600-2620,2900-2920
Melbourne Metro up to 3 3000-3210,3335,3341,3425-3443,3750-3811,3910-3920,3926-3944,3972-3978,3980-3983,8000,8899
VIC Country up to 4 2648,2715,2719,2731-2739,3211-3334,3342-3424,3444-3749,3812-3909,3921-3925,3945-3971,3979,3984-3999
Brisbane Metro up to 3 2484-2494,4000-4370,4373-4381,4400-4405,4500-4580,4600-4610,4614-4618,9000-9919
QLD Near Country 2 - 4  4371-4372,4382-4399,4406-4499,4581-4599,4611-4613,4619-4723,9920-9939
QLD Far Country 2 - 5 4724-4870,4872-4873,4877-4888,9940,9998
Far North Queensland 4 - 12 4871,4874-4876,4889-4899
Adelaide Metro 2 - 4 5000-5199,5800-5999
SA Country 2 - 5 5200-5749
Perth Metro 4 - 5 6000-6214,6800-6999
WA Country 5 - 8 6215-6723,6750-6762
WA Country Far 7-9 6725-6743,6750-6770
Tasmania 3-5 7000,7254,7258-7999
Tasmania Remote 13-17 7255-7257
Darwin City/Subs 3-6 0800-0821,0823-0834
Alice Springs 6-9 0870-0871
NT Other* 12-13 0822,0835-0869,0872-0879,0882-0999


Australia Post claims that express postage is 1-2 business days within NSW, and 1-3 business days within Australia (find out more on the Australia Post website).

Delivery times - International

Typical postage times for regular post an be found in the table below:


Days to Deliver 



New Zealand 

6-12 business days 

9-15 business days 


7-15 business days 

10-20 business days 


7-15 business days 


10-20 business days 



10-16 business days 


12-20 business days 



3-6 business days 


6-15 business days