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How To Transplant Propagations Into Soil

May 26, 2022 1 min read

How To Transplant Propagations Into Soil

The first thing you need is a healthy parent plant with some green new growth that looks healthy. Once you’ve found a suitable sample, you can follow the steps to reliably propagate new plants.

Read below or watch our reel where Dilhan explains how to transplant into soil!

When your plants are 3-5cm long, they’re strong enough to support a plant. The process of getting them ready for the real world is called “hardening”.  Hardening starts about 2 weeks before planting out cuttings, and reduces the risk of plants dying by acclimating them from a high humidity and high moisture environment into the real world.

To do this you should slowly reduce the humidity of the area your plant is in, and gradually reduce the amount of water your plant roots are in contact with. This will cause the plants to accumulate carbohydrates and thicken their cell walls. 

When you finally plant the propagation into soil, make sure to water it frequently, keeping the soil moist as your plants won’t be used to dry conditions. 

That’s about it for how to transplant propagations into soil! If you’re looking for a new hobby our propagation kits come with everything you need to get going and are a great place to start! 

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