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sun shelf

instruction manual

This product is best used with our Sun Shelf lights and Growing Modules!


A1) x1

A2) x1

B1) x1

B2) x1

C) x2

D) x1

NOTE: A1, A2, B1, B2 can be identified by the screw holes on the side of the frame. A1 and B1 will pair together, as will A2 and B2.

E) x4

F) x4

G) x24

I) x1

J) x2

K) x2

L) x2


Growth kit and module

Sun panels


Congratulations on your new Sun Shelf! Before you start building, we have a few tips.

It’s best to find a clean, smooth space like a carpet or rug to build and place your wooden shelves on. This will prevent any damage to your shelves.

We recommend asking a friend to help with building this shelving unit - it’ll be a lot easier to hold everything in place when screwing in the parts.

Do not fully tighten bolts until all parts are in place, this will reduce chances of misalignment.

There is an anti-tip kit included in this package (parts labelled I, J, K)- we highly recommend installing this when building your shelves to keep you safe from falling objects, and your plants safe from flying! You can find the instructions for this on the back of this booklet.

NOTE: Maximum weight of 30kg on each shelf.

Included Power Supply: 24v, 6.25A, 150W


step 1

Connect parts A1) and B1) together, slotting the bottom parts of A1) into the top parts of B1). Use 2 screws H) on either side of the joined frames to fasten. Repeat this process again with parts A2) and B2).

IMPORTANT: Ensure that the screw holes on each pair A1) B1) and A2) B2) (circled in red) are facing the same way when you join them. This will be important later on!

step 2

Screw in the feet F) of the Sun Shelf into the bottom of the frame.

step 3

Take both pairs of joined A) B) parts and lay them on their side - you can tell which side is the back by the 2 pairs of screw holes on the top and bottom of the frame.

Parts C) should be placed in the middle of the frames on the back side, and screwed in so that all parts are fastened together.

The screws holes in parts C) can be found on the inside edge of the short ends of the rectangle.

step 4

Slot the shelves E) onto your preferred levels of the fastened frame.

Fasten the shelves with 2 screws G) on either end of each shelf. The screws should go through the frame and into the underside of the wood of the shelves.

step 5

Connect the magnetic power cord D) to the back of the frame (figure 2).

View from the back of the shelf

step 6

Connect the magnetic power cord D) to the power block I) that will plug into your power source.

Twist and lock the cables together.

step 7

To install your anti-tip kit, make small marks just behind or next to one side each of the metal frames on the wall you want to install your shelves next to.

step 8

Using a drill, create holes in the wall where you made marks, then insert L) pieces into the holes.

step 9

Position your shelves in front of the screws and wrap parts K) around each metal frame next to where you have drilled screws into the wall. Match the holes on each side of parts K) together, and position them in front of the L) expansion anchors.

step 10

Screw J) parts through both the matched holes in parts K) and into the wall inside of part L).

Your Sun Shelf should now be secured!

using sun panels

If you have also purchased gathera sun panels alongside your sun shelf, then you can find the set up guide and how to use the lights through the button below.

sun panels

using basins

Another helpful page is the basins guide, which will explain how to set up your gathera basins, and how to get growing!