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What Is Expanded Clay (Growing Medium)

June 02, 2022 2 min read

What Is Expanded Clay (Growing Medium)

Expanded clay

One of the easiest and most popular growing mediums out there, expanded clay (sometimes referred to as LECA) is an inert, reusable and pH neutral growing medium which is commonly used for indoor plants, and hydroponic growing systems. Importantly, it is clean and easy to handle.

Using expanded clay for hydroponic growing

Clay doesn’t absorb water, and is quite inert, making it a great choice for hydroponic ebb and flow systems whereby a water tank filled with a growing medium is filled and emptied on a constant cycle. It's also an excellent choice of growing medium in drip irrigation systems (where a steady trickle of water keeps your plant roots fed and watered) as it holds your plants in place and gives them plenty of space to put out roots.

Using expanded clay for indoor plants

Expanded clay can be used to grow indoor plants hydroponically by using a self-watering pot such as those in the Urban Plant Grower's range.

Using expanded clay for Soil gardening

Expanded clay can be used in conjunction with soil to grow plants. Common applications include; using the expanded clay balls as a medium layer to improve drainage, mixing in the clay balls with soil to improve drainage within the growing medium itself, and crushing up the clay balls to mix in with the soil.

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