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How Much Light Do Plants Need

June 02, 2022 1 min read

How Much Light Do Plants Need

How much light intensity do plants need? What timer settings?

Measured in PPF (photon photosynthetic flux), the requirements of plants can be seen below.

  • Seedlings or clones which are newly sprouted or planted: 100 umols/ms
  • Rooted clones/young veg plants: 250 umols/ms
  • Vigorous veg plants: 350 umols/ms
  • Reproductive/flowering plants: 750 umols/ms

How to get the most out of your grow light

Signs the light is too close or too strong

There are some tell tale ways that you can tell if you've overcooked your light intensity:

  • Burn marks on the leaves; this should only happen if the light is touching the leaves, or you’ve got very sensitive plants
  • Crispiness/ browning edges
  • Drooping leaves

Similarly, there are signs that your plant isn’t getting enough light

  • Leaves turning pale green, yellow or white
  • Long thing stems
  • Dropping older leaves

How close should your grow light be to your plants.

Keep into consideration that if you increase the distance, you decrease light intensity.

That's everything on how much light plants need. If you wan't to learn more, check out the rest of our series: