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Sun Shelf Light Panels

Would you like a power adaptor (if you don't already have a sun shelf)?

Expand your Sun Shelf with two more light panels. 

What's included

The lights for the sun shelves come in pairs. Each set includes:

  • 2x Sun panels (fits out one level of shelving) fitted with high efficiency LED Grow lights. A set of 6 panels consumers 325kWh of electricity each year if they are on their maximum intensity setting for 12 hours per day. Most plants would need less than this.
  • 8x Integrated magnets to clip straight onto your frame, and 8 regular screws in case you want to mount them onto your own furniture.
  • 1x Electronic controller to adjust your light timer between 3/6/9/12/15/18 hours per day, and 10 different intensity levels
  • Panels are approx 24cmx34cm
  • Voltage 24v, 1A, 24W


If you already have a Sun Shelf, you do not need a power adapter. The power adapter is 24V, 1.2A and can be used with one level of lights and one Growth module. If more lights/power is needed, you will need the Sun Shelf.

Each set of Sun panels can be used on any level.