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Rockwool Re-Plant Pack


Finished harvesting your leafy goods in your EcoKitchen, Sun Shelf or Family Farm? Try out this pack to get everything you need to get replanted - all at a discounted rate from our regular prices!

What's in the pack?
Size Contents
Single Basin
12x Rockwool Cubes + 150mL hydroponic nutrients for herbs and leafy greens. Enough for a replant of an EcoKitchen or TerraGarden.
Six Basins
72x Rockwool Cubes + 1L hydroponic nutrients (500mL part A and 500mL part B solutions provided for optimal results) for herbs and leafy greens. Enough for a replant of a Family Farm or a 6 basin Sun Shelf.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Carly Mill
Such a great product

Great quality for growing seeds in . Fast delivery

Rockwool rocks!

As a hydroponics novice, I've found the best way to foolproof results is to use products that take out the guesswork. The rockwool cubes supplied by UPG, along with their nutrients, timed light/pump setup and water-level indicator, have helped me to achieve results that would otherwise have taken a LOT of trial-and-error and painful experience to get right. Very happy with my harvests so far, and replanting is a snack.

Samantha Thomas

Rockwool Re-Plant Pack

Courtney Cicchelero

I love my indoor growing systems and have recently reset them up after moving. The quality of my rock wool is as good as I remember and I love that liquid nutrients is now in the package also! My order arrived very quick also.

Mindy Newsome
Excellent Product

I cannot fault this product. It does the job everytime. I tried a different hydroponics nutrient from Bunnings, but it didn’t work nearly as well, so came back for the Urban growers mix and my plants are healthy again.