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sun panels

instruction manual

This product is best used with our Sun Shelf unit and Growing Modules!



d) Sun Shelf and power supply

e) Growth kit and module

f) Individual 24v power supply

g) 8x Screws


Attaching the panels to your Sun Shelf: Use the pre-installed magnetic screws c) to easily stick the sun panels a) onto the bottom of each shelf d).

Click to watch assembly video.


The lights are sold in pairs. Panel 1 has three cables, Panel 2 has 1 cable.

Panel 1

🔴 Cable 1, connects to the controller b)

🔵 Cable 2, Connects to 24v power line

⚫️ Cable 3, connects to P2 power cable

Panel 2

⚫️ Cable 1 connects to P1 cable 3


If pump controller is added, connect to P1 extra cable

Click the image to expand.

installation on another shelf

If not using the gathera Sun Shelf Unscrew the magnetic screws already installed and remove them, then replace with regular screws g) and install in your own shelving unit.

individual power supply

Panel 1

Cable 1 connects to the controller b)

Cable 2 can be stowed away

Cable 3 connects to P2 power cable

Panel 2

Cable 1 connects to P1 cable 3

directions for use

how they work

Plants primarily require blue and red light between the 400-500nm and 600-700nm wavelengths - which corresponds to the blue and red wavelengths of light respectively.

Other portions of the light spectra are not always utilised by the plants! Which is why if you got a household light globe, it could grow a plant, but most likely wouldn't, as most of the light spectrum emitted is wasted by emitting light at the wrong wavelength.

Blue Light (400-500nm) encourages photosynthesis and leads to bushier plants that don’t stretch to find more light. Good for growing in compact spaces.

Red Light (600-700nm) tells the plant that it’s time to flower or fruit. Often plants under redder light will stretch and grow longer rather than growing short and bushy.

These lights utilise both the red, blue, and full spectrum light frequencies, to create an optimised growing experience for plants and a more desirable light colour for people.