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growing modules

instruction manual

This product is best used with our Sun Shelf and Sun Panel lights!


A) x2

B) x24

C) x24

D) x2

E) x1

F) x1

G) x24

basin setup

step 1

Thread the pump cable D) down through the slot in the side of the basin A).

step 2

Ensure the pump D) is stuck down securely to the base of the basin A).

step 3

Connect the pump cable D) into the controller E).

step 4

Put the lid back on the basin.

step 5

Place one rockwool cube C) in each netcup B) and insert them into their designated slots.

step 6

Fill basins A) with 6-7 Litres of water. Repeat for your second basin.

pump setup

step 1

To power the pump controller E) and pumps, connect the extra cable from your light panels to the pump controller.

step 2

To attach the pump controller E) to the grow shelf, use the pre-installed ‘magnetic’ screws and attach it to the metal strip on the back of the grow shelf facing backwards

underneaththe desired basins.


Note: Controller setting is programmed for: 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off

sowing seeds

step 1

Rockwool cubes C) need to be fully soaked with water, and placed into a net cup.

Place 2-5 seeds (depending on the type of plant and size of seed) in the pre-cut hole of each Rockwool cube C) and cover with a germination dome G).

step 2

Once plants reach the top of the domes, remove the domes G) and save them for re-use next time you're germinating!

Refill the basin with water and nutrients as needed, keeping the roots of your plants submerged.

more information

Once you’ve used up all your home grown greens, you can reuse this product!

- Remove all of the old plant matter and the remaining Rockwool cubes.

- Make sure to give the inside of the basin a thorough clean (with soap to help kill off any bacteria).

- Refill the basin with water, replace the Rockwool cubes and replant!


Once your plants have germinated, add nutrients to the basins following instructions on your nutrients bottle or jar.

We recommend using the gather herbs and leafy greens nutrients for most plants!


Rockwool is the product of a rock that has been heated and spun like fairy floss. It provides uniform oxygenation for a plant’s roots, as well as a stable medium for the plant to be secured by.

Once the roots grow out of the Rockwool, they simply float in the water and grow!

As a result you get soil-free growing that makes this product perfect for your kitchen!