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Rockwool Grow Mats

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What would happen if you heated up basalt (a naturally occuring volcanic rock) to the point where it becomes liquid and decided to spin it like fairy floss? You would end up with an awesome hydroponic soilless substrate! These rockwool grow mats are exactly that, with the outcome being a super light, and absorbant hydroponic growing substrate that maintains perfect aeration and moisture levels at all stages of plant growth.


Rockwool is the ideal growth medium for germinating most types of seeds, propagating cuttings or even growing transplants. High success rates mean you spend less time struggling and more time growing! These features make it the perfect growing medium for growing microgreens with a high germination success rate!

These mats are the thinnest rockwool mats available on the market.

These mats are made by Grodan - the market leader in rockwool.  The substrates from Grodan are the only stone wool growing media awarded an EU Ecolabel


Dimensions of the mats are 25cm x 20 cm x 1cm.

  • Can easily be broken up by hand or cut with a scissor.
  • Available in value packs.
  • When basalt is turned into rockwool, it multiplies in volume by 68x, making it incredibly resource efficient.
  • Contains no harmful chemicals, weeds, diseased soil or pests.

How to use rockwool grow mats

To use these simply soak them in water for 10 minutes before planting seeds. Scatter the seeds over the surface of the mat and make sure they've all been wet so that they activate. The mat can be partially submerged in water, sprayed regularly, or bottom irrigated with a trickle of water to keep them moist. Note that they don't need much water as they're super absorbent!