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Parsley - Italian Plain leaf - Shamrock - Seeds

Italian Parsley is a highly aromatic herb perfect for fresh salads, sauces and stews!  Italian flat leaf parsley with medium to large leave making them perfect for a kitchen bench. 

  • Dark green colour and exceptional flavour
  • Slow bolting
  • Vigorous, upright plant

Grow these herbs hydroponically in your indoor grows kits to save time, water, and stress!

Plant these seeds quite deep to encourage strong stems (about 1.5cm) and be patient! It takes around 3-4 weeks for the plant to really pick up but once it does you’ll never run out again!

Harvesting; Once your plants are about 10cm - 20cm tall you can begin to harvest them! Pick the leaves and stems continually to promote new growth and dissuade bolting (The plant will begin to grow seeds if you don’t use it enough!)

Add a handful of fresh Parsley to a summer salad or stir some finely chopped leaves and stems through sauces or stews for a fresh burst of flavour.

Scientific Name Petroselinum crispum
Planting Depth 3 mm
Plant height 60cm
Days to Maturity 100-130 days
Lifespan Biennial
Tips Scatter seeds and bury roughly 3mm deep in pots. Plants may take time to grow before picking up growth.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews


Debi S.
Bring on the herbs

Planted and ready for sprouts to come out. So excited

Rhea R.
Slow starter but quick finisher

Grew slow at first but then shot up after about the 3 week (5cm) mark

Elton S.
Plant deep for strong stems

Plant them fairly deep and place in a warm room