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Hydroponic Nutrients - Herbs and Leafy Greens


Our liquid nutrients for herbs and leafy greens and strong foliage growth is the ideal solution for the home grower. Our 1L nutrient is a two part solution which results in even faster growth and better value than the 200mL solution.

  • Contains the essential minerals required for plants to grow.
  • pH buffered to ensure all minerals are available to the plant.
  • Easy to use
  • Makes 200L of solution per litre of nutrient.

WARNING: Do not consume.


Both the 200mL and 1L options come with instructions written on the packaging. For best results we suggest using a nutrient meter to accurately test the amount of nutrients contained in your water, and make sure your plant gets the best growth.

Micronutrients and trace elements may build up in the solution over time as some elements are used more than others. It is recommended that you empty and replace your entire solution every 3 months to avoid this build up.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews

These nutrients have been so wonderful. My lettuces grow amazingly well, I haven’t had to buy lettuce in a year! In the middle of summer it only takes 4 weeks to be picking lettuce from the day I plant seeds. Basil and dill love it, as well as my Silverbeet. Im picking Silverbeet every few days to a week. My seedlings as both tomatoes and capsicums have grown so much faster, stronger and healthier in my EcoKitchen with these nutrients than the ones I planted in soil. They happily transfer to soil when they have reached the top of my EcoKitchen. It’s honestly amazing. I have actually started feeding it to my monstera and it’s just produced a new leaf!

Glenn J.
So easy to use


Jennifer S.

So far, so good, easy to add to water with the water top ups.

Brayden Becher
Hydroponic Nutrients

EXCELLENT PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Helen Waller
Great device. Easy to use

Plants are growing welll. Seeds immerged quickly. It’s perfect size for my kitchen.