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Genova Basil - Seeds

Ocimum basilicum

Genova Basil - is a type of Basil with large, dark green leaves with a slightly savoy texture.  flavour and aroma.

Its has strong aromatic fragrance, making it a great addition to a many dishes and drinks! Grow Basil hydroponically in your indoor grows kits to save time, water, and stress!

These seeds form a gel when coming into contact with water (so don’t be alarmed if they’re turning white!). After a few days they’ll begin to sprout, releasing two ‘baby leaves’ which will grow rather slowly but don’t panic! After about a week these will give way to ‘true leaves’, much larger mature leaves that look much more recognisable, which will shoot up into a lush bunch of fresh, homegrown, organic basil!

Harvesting; once your plants have around 3-5 mature leaves you’re ready to start eating! Pick the leaves at the stem continually, leaving the top few leaves untouched (this promotes healthy growth!)

Basil goes well with a number of things, sprinkle it through spaghetti or try using it in a homemade pesto or fresh summer cocktail!!

Customer Reviews

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Elaine Geal
Wedding gift

I bought this as a wedding present for a friend who had admired mine - she was thrilled that she now has one of her own.

Vicki Locke
no germination- basil and onion

Having issues germinating seeds from gathera.

Hey Vicki, so sorry to hear that. We've got some tips that might help.
1. Basil likes warm conditions. A humidity dome can help. This could be a clear glass or plastic cup placed upside down over the rockwool cube to increase humidity.
2. Ensure the seeds are wet, and form a gel - basil forms a gel much like chia seeds or flax seeds. If you don't see this appear after an hour or so in water, it means it needs more water contact.
3. be patient, basil can germinate in 5 days, but then takes 3 weeks to get bigger than 5cm.

Hope this helps, if not email us and we wil lsend some free replacement seeds


Can't wait to grow this, it looks delicious

Madeline Mcgroarty-Morris
Good seeds

The seeds took really well with in 48 hours u could see they had started to germinate

Tracie Garbutt
eco kitchen

the seed package had a split in it and few seeds got loose