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Genova Basil - Seeds

Ocimum basilicum

Genova Basil - is a type of Basil with large, dark green leaves with a slightly savoy texture.  flavour and aroma.

Its has strong aromatic fragrance, making it a great addition to a many dishes and drinks! Grow Basil hydroponically in your indoor grows kits to save time, water, and stress!

These seeds form a gel when coming into contact with water (so don’t be alarmed if they’re turning white!). After a few days they’ll begin to sprout, releasing two ‘baby leaves’ which will grow rather slowly but don’t panic! After about a week these will give way to ‘true leaves’, much larger mature leaves that look much more recognisable, which will shoot up into a lush bunch of fresh, homegrown, organic basil!

Harvesting; once your plants have around 3-5 mature leaves you’re ready to start eating! Pick the leaves at the stem continually, leaving the top few leaves untouched (this promotes healthy growth!)

Basil goes well with a number of things, sprinkle it through spaghetti or try using it in a homemade pesto or fresh summer cocktail!!