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Can Plants Grow In Artificial Light

November 30, 2022 2 min read

Can Plants Grow In Artificial Light

How NOT To Send Your Plant To An Early Grave
Light | Serial Plant Killer 101

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You made it to part two of our Serial Plant Killer Series! You’re on track to becoming the best plant parent there is. Today we are learning about...

Golden Rule Number 2: Let there be light!

Plants are pretty simple and resilient things but like everyone, they have needs and one of those needs is enough light. We’re going to cover a few ways you can ensure your plants are completely satisfied and living their best life. 

💡 Buy the right kind of plants

If you live in a dark, gloomy house maybe buying a whole bunch of succulents that would much rather be in a balmy desert might not be the best choice. There are certain house plants that require direct sunlight (often the tag on the plant will tell you what conditions it needs to grow). So, a good way to keep your plants from dying is to not house them in an environment that is virtually toxic to them.

Some examples of plants that love low light conditions are:

🪴 Peace Lilies
🪴 ZZ Plants
🪴 Pothos
🪴 Snake Plants 
🪴 Prayer Plants

Just to name a few.

If you live in a bright, well-lit home then you can choose from plants that need indirect or direct light. It's important however that you make sure you don’t accidentally burn your plant’s leaves and move them in the warmer months away from windows.

However, if you don’t want the worry and hassle of too much light, too little light and you’d like to buy whatever plants you want, then our Grow Lights might be just what you need!

Grow lights are electric lights that mimic the wavelength of light that plants need to grow, meaning you can grow plants virtually anywhere sun or no sun.  

Our lights are LED lights which are cheaper, more effective and more energy efficient. On our website, you can choose from lots of options including the Full Spectrum Grow Lights or our Red/Blue LED Grow Lights.

If you’d like to learn about all the fancy schmancy science behind the grow lights check out our blog “What type of light do plants need to grow?” What you need to know is that our grow lights are easy to use, have a built-in timer, have custom light settings and are adaptable to fit your space.

Check out some of the cool ways our customers are using their grow lights!

Congrats! You’re almost done with our Serial Plant Killer 101 course 🎉. Follow along for our final part and for more awesome blogs. Subscribe to our newsletter and check us out on social media at @urbanplantgrowers.

By Charlotte Sheridan

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