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10 of the Best Gifts for Plant Lovers and Gardeners this Christmas

November 04, 2021 3 min read

Christmas Gift Guide with products around edge

Christmas is well and truly upon us and we’ve got you covered. Whether you are shopping for a friend, partner or even work colleague, Urban Plant Growers has a gift that will be loved by all.  

Whether you are already an expert in gardening or looking to buy a gift for the plant obsessed, our smart gardensgrow lights and practical gardening products can help be the gift that keeps on giving. 

We've pulled together some pretty great options to get you thinking!

1. Speedy Sprouter - $17.99

For the Kris Kringler 

Speedy Sprouter Christmas Gift


Stuck for options on someone you don’t really know or is your 2021 Kris Kringle? Our Speedy Sprouters are the perfect DIY gift for fitness junkies and food lovers. Add on some simple sprout seeds for the ultimate gift. With a grow time of around 7 days, you'll be eating healthy in no time! 

2. Indoor Smart Garden - $99.99

For the beginner gardener 

Indoor Smart Garden


Our Indoor Smart Garden is the perfect introduction to hydroponic growing. It's about the size of a toaster, and can be used by people at any skill level. The Smart Garden can grow herbs and leafy greens.

 3. Red/ blue LED Grow Light  - $59.99

For the apartment dweller and ultimate tech fan 

Easy Grow Light


Indoor plants don't need much light to stay alive, but with a little bit of oomph they can really thrive! A general rule of thumb for growing indoor plants is that more light results in more leaves, whereas less light results in the existing leaves becoming bigger. These grow lights are available in white light options too - but all of them deliver the optimal light wavelength for growing. 

 4. TerraGarden - $219.99

Planter’s choice 

TerraGarden Christmas Gift


Our favourite is the TerraGarden. This little treasure can grow up to 12 plants at a time making indoor gardening that easy. Best of all - it has an adjustable height light - meaning you can extend it upwards as your plants grow!

 5. Hydroponic MaxiCube - $34.99

For the plant watering forgetters 

MaxiCube Christmas Gift Hydroponic


Say goodbye to dry plants and hello self-watering pots. Our Hydroponic MaxiCubes solve all your watering worries, using up to 90% less water than conventional pots these pots are an amazing way to reduce maintenance time. Perfect for growing indoor plants indoors with low maintenance, or growing food outdoors iwth some help from the sun!

 6. Gift Card - $25, $50, $100

For the all purpose gift 

Urban Plant Growers Christmas Gift Card


Unsure on what to gift? Our gift cards have you covered and are delivered instantly to your email. How’s that for efficiency!  

 7. Family Farm  - $1999.99

For the ultimate family gift  

Family Farm Christmas Gift


Looking or a gift that won’t be forgotten? Our Family Farm is undeniably beautiful and efficient, growing up to 72 plants at once. Most customers say they end up with so much food that they become a little urban farm for their friends and family - supplying their loved ones with fresh greens!

8. VIP Seed subscription - $34.99

For the year round gardener

Have you got a keen gardener around the house or neighbourhood? Our quarterly subscription is the best gift to keep them happy all year round.

9. Cross Stitch - $36

For the craft lover and DIY enthusiast


Cross Stitch Christmas Gift


10. Gro Cube - $184.99

 For the interior designers

Gro Cube Christmas Gift

Our GroCube is a bestseller for many reasons. How could you not love this easy to use grow set-up that complements any indoor space.

Can’t quite find what you are looking for? We have plenty more christmas gift items available online that are made for the urban gardener, plant obsessed and health enthusiasts. If you need any help finding out what product is best for you, you can take our plant quiz, or call us and speak to one of the team!

Choose from local pick-up or postage and we'll be sure to promise that a gift from Urban Plant Growers is the best kind of gift.

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