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Sun Shelf Light Panels

Would you like a power adaptor (if you don't already have a sun shelf)?

Expand your Sun Shelf with two more light panels. 

What's included

The lights for the sun shelves come in pairs. Each set includes:

  • 2x Sun panels (fits out one level of shelving) fitted with high efficiency LED Grow lights. A set of 6 panels consumers 325kWh of electricity each year if they are on their maximum intensity setting for 12 hours per day. Most plants would need less than this.
  • 8x Integrated magnets to clip straight onto your frame, and 8 regular screws in case you want to mount them onto your own furniture.
  • 1x Electronic controller to adjust your light timer between 3/6/9/12/15/18 hours per day, and 10 different intensity levels
  • Panels are approx 24cmx34cm
  • Voltage 24v, 1A, 24W


If you already have a Sun Shelf, you do not need a power adapter. The power adapter is 24V, 1.2A and can be used with one level of lights and one Growth module. If more lights/power is needed, you will need the Sun Shelf.

Each set of Sun panels can be used on any level.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jess A.
Sun Shelf Light Panels

Very happy with these lights. All my plants are thriving under them

Greg Guise
Great indoor grow lights

Really impressed with my Gathera grow lights. Bought two panels, produce zero heat, energy efficient and currently growing a nice crop of lettuce. Worth the price!

Konstantinos S.
Amazing product!

The lights are amazing. You can adjust the level of light based on your plants needs and overall your plants will thrive. I totally recommend this product.

So glad we can buy these independently to the sunshelf!

These sun shelf panels are great and the seeds are sprouting happily in a space where we get almost zero natural light.
I bought these for my own shelf as I already owned one and needed a taller option to maximise our small urban space. My two things that stops me giving these a 5 star review is firstly, that the description and instructions say your can remove the preinstalled magnetic screws to use normal screws but we could not for the life us remove these. Luckily our shelf has a metal bar under each shelf we could use but its meant we had to halve the number of panels we have used. It seems to be working fine anyway without having all the planned panels. I guess this gives us an excuse to gift the best gift ever since we now have two sets to spare.
Secondly where the cables connect they all have an interlocking connected except for where the power adapter attached to the controller. This meant that i had to get creative with pedal board velcro and cable ties to distribute the weight so that this cable connection doesn't fall out (which happened the first day twice). Now its all set up its working really great and since I don't forsee a reason to ever undo this it should be ok but it is an area where it could be improved. :)

Joelle B.

love it, as I had my own shelf, I had to buy some extension cable, but the lights are amazing. Haven't use my module yet. Looking forward to it.