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Hydroponic Perlite Stones

Perlite is a naturally occurring mineral that forms when obsidian is heated to extreme temperatures and then cooled very quickly. The rapid cooling forces out the moisture in the material and leaving a porous surface in the medium. This results in a very light weight substrate that has great aeration properties - making it a great choice for hydroponic and soil based growing.


How to use perlite

Using perlite in Hydroponics

Using perlite in hydroponics is extremely effective when growing plants that require a large amount of oxygen, and good drainage. Perlite is incredibly effective for rooting cuttings as the high aeration allows roots to develop without getting drowned and rotting. We have had success with perlite in the past growing indoor plants, herbs and leafy greens.

It should also be noted that perlite floats - so take this into consideration if you are designing your own system! Dutch bucket systems and drip irrigation systems work great with perlite!

Using perlite with Soil

Perlite can be mixed with vermiculite, peat moss, coco coir and regular soil to increase aeration and drainage characteristics. Plants that require dry conditions such as cacti, sago palm or snake plants will thrive as the drainage that perlite offers is ideal for their growth. It is a versatile medium - so you can experiement with the ratios of different growing mediums as you need to suit your plants needs.

Using perlite in Aquaponics

The surface of the perlite has tiny holes all over that allow incredible root aeration, and increase the available surface area for nitrate crunching bacteria to grow, making it an effective bio-filter - perfect for aquaponic systems.

  • 1L and 5L packs - in recyclable and compostable packaging.
  • Easy to use and mess-free
  • Natural air pockets enable high root aeration
  • Completely reusable - any debris can be washed out before re-use.
  • Neutral pH
  • Perlite is an Inorganic, naturally occuring and inert growing medium.

Compatible products

Best used in our Indoor Smart Gardens and the Hydropot series.

Customer Reviews

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Samantha S.
Superior Quality

I previously got my perlite from bunnings but the perlite from Urban Plant Growers is so much larger and of better quality, it's absolutely worth the delivery cost.

Ned L.
Great Product

good product, finally got myself some perlite for the potting mix

Lyn Breen
Always reliable.

I have ordered several items in the past year and have been happy with the quality and service each time.