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March Newsletter- Food Security, the National Plastics Summit and the Latest Bushfire Updates

March 11, 2020 2 min read

March Newsletter- Food Security, the National Plastics Summit and the Latest Bushfire Updates

Welcome to the Second Urban Plant Growers monthly newsletter! We’ll be sending these out within the first week of each month to highlight a few sustainability topics, let you know which products are running out fast, which products we have back in stock, and to notify you of any opportunities/miscellaneous community partnerships we may have!

What’s in the news this week?

Here is a couple of articles and that we found interesting this month!

  • Is Hydroponics the solution? This TED talk by Stuart Oda is an intro to the issue we are facing as a society in terms of food security and discusses the use of hydroponics as the solution! Watch it here 
  • No More Fires in NSW! March 3rd marked the first time in 240 consecutive days that NSW has been fire free, however, it’s not all good news, with 25 lives lost, over 20% of Australia’s bush land burnt and 2,400 homes destroyed the clean-up will be immense.
  • The 1st National plastics summit! The government, industry and experts sat down to discuss the state of Australia’s aged recycling collection and disposal system at the national plastics summit this month. There were even a few hints as to the inclusion of funds in May’s federal budget! Read about it here

What you can do to help!

We’re a couple of months into the year and a lot of people’s new year’s resolutions have gone down the drain but no need to despair! Here are a few tips to keep you living sustainably this month!

  • Meat free Monday- As the name suggests the idea is encourage the everyday person to cut down on their weekly meat consumption by not eating meat… on Mondays! This initiative is a super easy way to begin lowering the amount of meat you and your family eat in a week! Find out more here
  • Get creative- There isn’t a right or wrong way to live sustainably so identify the areas you think you personally could improve on and take a moment to think about what simple solution you can come up with you solve it! Be it making artwork from your rubbish or throwing some reusable cutlery in you bag to use when you get a takeaway salad, every little bit helps!


What’s running out fast!

XL Indoor Smart Garden- there are only a few left! Grab one before they go out of stock!


Back in stock!

All hydroponic nutrients are back in stock now!

Maxicube back in stock now! 


What's going on this month?

We're working with local artists to develop artisan clay pots for premium hydroponic setups, that are both functional and look amazing! 

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