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February Newsletter

February 12, 2022 2 min read

February Newsletter lady caring for indoor plants with hearts rising up

This one goes out to the plant lovers

Urban Plant Growers, this Valentine's Day show your plants the love they deserve. 


🥀 Not looking their best?

Try adding some nutrients to their next water refill or diluting the mixture if you've fed them too much. 

🧹 Give your plants a facial 

by gently dusting your indoor plants' leaves using a damp cloth. Dust can hinder your plants' ability to photosynthesize so a rinse or wipe down every now and then is the way to go. 

🧑‍🍳 Prepare a romantic dinner

using your freshly grown produce. Your herbs and leafy greens love to be harvested regularly so they can grow fuller and for longer.

💧 Pour them a cool drink!

It's been a hot start to the year so check those water level indicators and top up the water where needed.

💡 Light up their life

Are your plants in the best position for receiving the light they need to live their best life? Try rotating a plant if it's starting to lean one way, and consider moving it closer to a window or gifting them a grow light if they need some extra light. (Check out the blog post below for more help) 

🤗 Give your plant a hug

Go on, we're no doctors but we're sure it'll boost your serotonin levels.



Plant Lovers unite!

Did you know that we have a Facebook Community Page where you can ask questions, share your progress and help other Urban Plant Growers like yourself. Click here to join the Urban Plant Growers Community!


New Zealand Store

Great news for our wonderful New Zealand growers... you can now browse everything that is available to you, shop in NZD and find all your plant needs in the one place. 

Check out your new online store here!


3 Products that are perfect for two

Speedy Sprouter twin pack, red/blue grow light, indoor smart garden

One for you, one for me

Speedy Sprouter Twin Pack

Grow sprouts together (either near or far) with a Speedy Sprouter each and watch your sprouts grow in just days!


Roses are red, violets are blue...

Red/Blue LED Grow Light

Light up your apartment with vibrant hues as your plants soak in some much needed light.


Side by side 

Indoor Smart Garden

Pick your favourite herb each and watch them grow side by side in the 2 growing pods of the Indoor Smart Garden.

Happy Valentine's,
Urban Plant Growers Team

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