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Why Hydroponics for Growing Herbs and Veggies?

January 05, 2022 3 min read

kitchen bench with food growing in hydroponic set up with text overlaid "why hydroponics"

So you are thinking about growing plants with hydroponics?

You might have heard a lot about hydroponics and smart gardens, and there's a lot to know, so we thought we'd help you out by outlining why a smart garden is the best first step in hydroponics.


You can grow plants in all lighting conditions

Growing Plants with Hydroponics

You can grow in any room regardless of whether it gets sunlight or not. This means that southward facing apartments, houses shaded by trees or buildings, or cold jail cells can all be potential rooms to grow your crops in! If you live in a really hot or cold climate, this means that your plants can be insulated from the conditions - by your home!

Take a look at our Family Farm which allows you to grow up to 72 plants at once!


Cutting out the supply chain = Fresher food

It's a fact of life that all things decay. Unfortunately that applies to food too. Over the time it takes food to get to you from a farm, your plants have begun to lose their nutrient value, resulting in food that has a reduced nutrient content and less taste. That's why it's best to pick your food fresh and eat it before it dries up.

Our Smart Gardens allow you to harvest as you go, resulting in fresh food and less CO2 carbon mileage (no more transport emissions). 

We offer a variety of Smart Gardens, including our flagship Indoor Smart Garden for a small household or our Eco Kitchen and TerraGardensthat allow you to grow up to 12 plants at once. 

If you are a bigger household, we recommend the Family Farm.


Soil Free means easy, mess free growing

In normal agriculture, soil is required to provide nutrients and physical support to the plant. By taking out the soil, we eliminate the risk of microbial life infection your plants, allow your plants to have access to the ideal combination of nutrients, and reduce the energy your plants need to expend to grow.

For most of our customers - the main benefit is that you can easily grow food indoors without having to worry about carrying soil around and dirtying your home. If you live in an apartment it means that you don't need to lug bags of dirt around, and you aren't left with a huge mess if you have to move home!

We use 'Smart Soil' and 'Rockwool Cubes' to grow food hydroponically.

Growing Food with Hydroponics and Rockwool


Growing food is fun, and good for your mental health

Growing food is fun! It's relaxing and keeps you present, slowing you down from your busy day to day life. It's also good for your mental health as countless studies will show.

Plus, there's something quite special about sharing your harvest with friends and family.

Growing Food with Hydroponics and a Family Farm

Reduced Water Consumption

Most of the water that gets consumed by plants grown conventionally in gardens or farms is lost to evaporation and filtration through the ground. By growing plants in a self-contained vessel as we do with hydroponics, we eliminate pointless water loss, meaning your plants can grow to their full potential without having an unnecessarily large water consumption. The reduction is so great that with our products we can use 90% less water. In some commercial farms, they even use up to 99% less water!

Urban Plant Growers Eco Kitchen

Our EcoKitchen grows food in a small vessel of water, utilising less water for commercial growing and lower carbon emissions.


Grow plants faster

Access to a dissolved solution of nutrients, the stability of indoor conditions, full spectrum LED grow lights, and a consistent watering cycle mean that your plants will grow faster than those grown outdoors in soil. This also often corresponds to higher yields - meaning you get the best bang for your buck.

Safety from garden pests

By growing indoors you eliminate the threat of common garden bugs flying onto your precious crops and eating them.

Say goodbye worms & bugs and hello fresh and easy to harvest plants!

Get started today!

All sounds pretty good right? We've been making Smart Gardens for a while now and have lots of great solutions for getting started in Hydroponics or even expert level farming. 

Shop Smart Gardens here.


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