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How to make sure your hydroponic plants grow fast!

December 18, 2019 2 min read

How to make sure your hydroponic plants grow fast!

The reason hydroponically grown plants grow faster than their soil-grown cousins, is that it is really easy to optimise the conditions your plants are living in - allowing them to easily reach their full potential. As a result, to grow hydroponic plants quickly, you will need to hit these following growth conditions as closely as possible.

Optimise the temperature

Temp between 23 and 27 degrees is optimal for MOST plants. Plants thrive under consistent, mild temperature, however, a hot or cold day now and then wont kill them!


Maintain a stable humidity level

While every plant is different, 50-60% humidity is a general rule of thumb for optimal plant growth.

Too  much humidity and plants won't be able to transpire - or release water throug htheir leaves to the atmosphere. If they can't transpire then the flow of water through the plant will stop, and the plant will get rotten from the inside-out.

If it's too dry, then the plants will release all of their water into the atmosphere - chewing through water incredibly quickly.

A little moisture in the air makes it easier for plants to concentrate all their energy on growth, so try to keep your plants in a slightly humid environment, not too humid though or they won’t be able to breathe (transpire).


Adequate light

Without light, A plant can’t photosynthesise - the process by which the plant ‘feeds’ itself, so make sure they have access to enough of the right light. Each plant is different so do a little research on what your like best and adjust where they sit, or their LED cycle if using one of our Indoor Grow Kits.


Make sure they have the right micro and macro nutrients

Just like you or I, plants need nutrients to grow. These include both the three macro-nutrients ; Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium or NPK and a range of micro-nutrients such as Boron (B), Copper (Cu) and Calcium (Ca).


As always, there is a little trial and error involved but if you fail the first time, just try again!


If you’re having trouble or need some advice don’t hesitate to reach out through our social media channels or email!


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