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Seed Spotlight: Genovese Basil

November 11, 2021 1 min read

Seed Spotlight: Genovese Basil

Genovese Basil is a sweet and wonderfully aromatic herb, making it a great addition to a diverse range of dishes and drinks! Grow these herbs hydroponically in your indoor grows kits to save time, water, and stress!

Planting Instructions

When planted, these seeds form a gel when coming into contact with water - so don’t be alarmed if they’re turning white! After a few days they’ll begin to sprout, releasing two ‘baby leaves’ which will grow rather slowly. Don’t panic! After about a week these will give way to ‘true leaves’, much larger mature leaves that look far more recognisable. They will shoot up into a lush bunch of fresh, homegrown, organic basil.

For the best results when growing basil ensure it has access to ample sunlight, a warm environment and plenty of water. If you follow these rules, you’ll have mountains of it in no time!



Once your plants have around 3-5 sets of leaves, you’re ready to start eating! Pick the leaves at the stem continually, leaving the top few leaves untouched, this promotes healthy growth and ensures your plant will keep on growing!

Basil goes well with almost anything, sprinkle it through spaghetti, or try using it in a homemade fresh summer cocktail! or pesto! 


Check out the Basil ready for harvest in one of our Indoor Smart Gardens!

Basil in one of our Indoor Smart Gardens

And check out one of your grow videos here.


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