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Speedy Sprouters (NZ)

Number of Sprouting Jars:

One of our favourite products and a long-time bestseller. Speedy Sprouters are the easiest at home sprout growing solution. With most of our seed packs, you’ll have fresh and ready to harvest sprouts in just one week! 

Get sprouting, you won’t regret it!

Sprout Jar Features

This sprout jar is ideal for sprouting seeds such as broccoli, alfalfa, mung beans, radishes, chickpeas, wheat, lentils and more. The embodied energy in a seed provides it with enough oomph to get it sprouting and the jars come fully complete with a wide mouth mesh strainer lid and white drainage stand. This means you can grow without using any soil or nutrients! You can eat them from the 1 week mark onwards.

There are heaps of benefits to growing sprouts - just to name a few (for more info head to our blog series on sprouts):

Single Jar Twin Jar

1x Wide mouth mesh strainer

1x 1L glass jar

1x White drainage stand.

1x Instructions

2x Wide mouth mesh strainer 80ml, mesh lids fit 85 ml opening

2x 1L glass jar

2x White drainage stand.

1x Instructions


When you buy a sprout jar you can choose from your choice of seeds, or you can buy a sprouting seed combo.

Sprout Seed Combo Large Sprout Seed Combo
1x 100g Salad Pea Seeds 1x 100g Salad Pea Seeds
1x 25g Alfalfa Seeds 1x 100g Alfalfa Seeds

1x 25g Broccoli sprout seeds

1x 100g Broccoli sprout seeds

1x 25g Fenugreek Seeds

1x 100g Fenugreek Seeds

There are a range of ways to grow sprouts. Our favourite and the easiest way of growing sprouts is in a sprout jar. Interested in getting started? We have a full guide on how you can get growing sprouts at home.

Make sure to clean your jar thoroughly between crops, and always look up sprouting seed specifications as some sprout seeds can be chemically treated, and others can be poisonous if not cooked before eating.

Note: Always stop the sprouting process before the first set of leaves grow, some sprouts need to be cooked before eating. Check seed pages for seed-specific instructions before growing. Make sure to read about the potential dangers of sprouts.

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