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Stacked With Features

Powerful grow lights deliver the specific wavelengths plants need for strong growth. Automatic light controllers determine the duration and intensity of the lighting cycle. Each level can be controlled individually.

Streamlined Setup

Single power line for your entire shelf. Connections are all colour coded to make it a breeze to get started. Power line attaches with magnets so you can choose where to put it. Get growing in 30 minutes or less!

Grows With You

Your Sun Shelf grows as you grow in your gardening journey. It has an ecosystem of products to support you. Build out your shelf over time when you’re ready. We’ve designed the Sun Shelf for gardening newbies all the way up to green thumbs.

Level Up Your Growing Adventure

The Sun Shelf 2 is perfect to throw all your pot plants into. Set the perfect lighting conditions and easily manage your indoor jungle in one location. Grow everything - from pot plants to herbs, leafy greens, fruit, propagations, sprouts, microgreens and more. Your one stop platform for an entire indoor growing adventure.

Focus On Your Plants

Features a redesigned frame to do away with the x brace. Cleaner look, drawing more attention to your plants. Can now serve as a room's centre piece.

Innovative Grow Basins

Growing food indoors has never been easier with our modular Grow Basins. They utilise hydroponic technology meaning no daily watering, instead refill every couple of weeks. Food grows much faster than conventional growing, get huge yields in compact spaces. Can grow thousands of dollars of food a year!

Focus On The Plants

The frame has been redesigned to do away with the x brace. Cleaner look, drawing more attention to your plants. Can now serve as a room's centre piece.

Easier Handling

Each side frame now comes in two pieces making the box more compact and easier to handle.

Let Your Leaves Reach Higher

We've reduced the thickness of the wood and Sun Panels, giving your plants more room to grow.

No Frills

The overhang on the shelf has been removed to allow lining multiple in a row, will allow exciting new uses with our future generation of gardens.

Grow Your Own Way

Perfect for everything from pot plants to propagations. Fully compatible with our upcoming new generation. Modular upgrades will give greater depth to your growing adventures.

I'm Ready To Build My Sun Shelf!