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Full Spectrum Standing Grow Light

USB Grow Light Extension Cable

Our Full Spectrum Standing LED Grow Lights are the perfect solution for growing plants in dark places, delivering the optimal wavelengths of light your plants need to grow.

The Grow Lights are fully adaptable and adjustable, allowing you to customise your space.

And remember, happy plants = happy life!

We’ve put years of work into the internals of our grow lights to ensure they last - in particular the power supply and control box, which is the most common failure point for other grow lights.

We’re confident our lights are the highest quality on the market. To show our confidence we have a 1 year guarantee. If any issues occurs in that time just contact our support and we’ll organise a refund or replace.

Why You Will Love It!
How It Works

Light from the sun comes in a wide range of wavelengths. Most of the light from the sun is wasted on plants as they just need a few specific wavelengths of light to grow. These useful wavlengths typically fall in the blue and red section of the visible light spectrum (between 400-500nm and 600-700nm). Our grow lights replicate this by using Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) that emit those useful wavelengths. The wavelengths emitted by this grow light can be seen in the picture. When all of these lights mix - they appear as white light to the human eye. For more details on how the LED Grow lights work - see our FAQ articles on what is the best way to measure the effectiveness of a grow light? and How are grow lights different to normal lights?

wavelengths of light used in full spectrum LED grow lights

  • Power cord: 155cm + 200cm extension cord (default) or 300cm extension cord with the 3m product variant.
  • Tripod min height: 78cm + 39cm neck + 27cm tube 
  • Tripod max height:  183cm + 39cm neck + 27cm tube
  • The frame (clamp, adjustable necks & cord) of this light is black.
  • Input Voltage: 5V
  • Rated Power: 2 Headed Light = 8.5W, 3 Headed light = 10W
  • Monthly Energy Cost:~ $ 0.78 for the 2 headed light, and $0.91 for the three headed light (Assumes 12 hours per day, with average Australian Electricity prices of $0.25/kWh.)
  • Expected Life Span of Lights: 50,000 hours

What's included

  • 1 x LED grow light (with 4x light tubes).
  • 1 x 2m USB cable (or 3m if you choose the larger option)
  • 1 x Wall socket adaptor.
  • 1 x Tripod.
  • 1 x Users manual.
  • Integrated controller.
  • Note: Light does not come with plants or pot.

Note: Light does not come with the pot

Setup Video

Setting up your grow light

Setting up your grow light is a breeze! It comes fully assembled, simply twist the grow light onto the tripod, and arrange the lights over your plants!


Positioning your grow light

Ensure the light stays at least 10cm from any leaves (so that you don't burn the leaves).
  • Adjust the timer to suit your plant's needs
    • 12hrs for plants in spaces with low light levels
    • 9hrs for spaces which receive indirect natural light
    • 3hrs for plants in high natural light environments).
  • Also consider the natural environment of the plant you are growing - indoor plants may not need much supplementary light, whereas something like basil will need a lot.
  • Adjust light brightness; we suggest starting on a dim setting and building up to the brightest setting, this will allow your plants time to adjust. If you see your leaves "burning" or browning, reduce the light intensity.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Jo M.
Full spectrum LED grow light

Absolutely love my light!!!
New growth on plants after 2 weeks!
And the house looks amazing at dusk before I turn the lights off!!!
So impressed!!

Belinda C.
Highly recommend

Product is fantastic, however recommend checking how much space you have for the tripod before purchasing as it has taken up more floor space than I anticipated

Gail Foster
Great lights

The grow lights fit between numerous indoor pots and the timer means we can set and forget.


Great customer service when I entered my address incorrectly. Fast delivery. Great quality.

Cathie Anderson
Great Product and Service

The service from this company is outstanding. The grow lights I am very happy with. New leaves are opening quicker and a couple of plants have had a little spurt of growth even though it is Winter. Highly recommend this store.