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Plant Trellis - Honeycomb

Number of trellises

Give your plants a something to hold on to with these honeycomb-shaped 3D printed plant trellises. Designed to help train your indoor house plants, these trellises are a quirky and useful decoration for any pot plant. They are 3D printed using sustainable PLA bioplastic so they are good for the environment and good for your plants! 

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What is PLA plastic?

PLA bioplastic is an all-natural, non-toxic bioplastic made from plant sugar such as starch. PLA plastic produces 68% fewer carbon gases than conventional plastics. It is the greenest form of plastic and is the most popular in 3D printing. Due to how 3D printers work, one side of your trellis will have a rougher consistency and there may be small imperfections that add to the character of this plant accessory. Suitable for lightweight smaller plants.


  • Height: 36cms
  • Width: 10cms
  • Legs Distance: 10cms
  • Material: PLA Bioplastic

*Trellis only, pot and plant are not included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
amanda w.
Great experience

Ordered. Was so easy. Delivery was quick. No problems. Plants now look great with their honeycomb stakes!

Kim F.
Eye-catching and effective

This is a cute trellis for small or baby plants. Certainly does the job and I like that the shape was a little bit different :)

Loved the concept

I fell in love with the concept and design of the trellis options, but unfortunately they were not as sturdy as I would have liked.
Very small plants dont really require trellis, its only as they grow bigger and then these are not really suitable as bend or fall over as soon as any weight.
Stronger (not necessarily larger) versions would be a great!!!


Great product

Jessie S.
Such beautiful pieces

Got the 3 pack of hexagon plant stands and they make me smile every time I see them around my house.