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Urban Plant Growers provide a wide range of services to schools and charities that are interested in teaching sustainability related topics. Our team can provide course content that covers stage 1 to 5 topics for geography and science. Our deliverables include:

  • Presentations
  • Planning, writing, designing and procuring equipment (if required) for science experiments
  • Creating workbooks and work sheets that cover course modules
  • Providing grow kits that enable students to observe, experiment, and understand how plant biology works.

Our team have expertise in the following areas:

  • Environmental science and biology
  • Maths and Engineering
  • Business and entrepreneurship

We have in-house design capabilities and can ensure an end-to-end service that delivers quality educational content to students of all ages.


To enquire about how we can meet the needs of your educational requirements, please contact tamara@urbanplantgrowers.com