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The Family Farm

The Family Farm is the pinnacle of urban gardening - made available to everyday people! With its' stylish and robust metal frame, water aeration pumps, water level indicators and powerful LED lights - you'll be growing your favourite plants in no time! Perfect for propagation, pot plants and food.

The pinnacle of urban agriculture

How Much Can You Grow?

Tap below to see how much you can grow:

  • Lettuce:

    On average harvest 14.4 supermarket servings of lettuce every week (1 serving = 55g).

    Using just 21.6 litres of water/week, $6.06 of electricity and $6.23 of rockwool and nutrients.

    Perfect for making a delicious cos chef's salad!

Assembly Instructions

We hate to yell it, but our Family Farms are super easy to put together!

Our Family Farm is pretty big (woohoo) so it comes in two boxes. If you’ve assembled anything flat packed before then this should be easy as! There are just 4 panels, 4 wheels and 2 frames – all of which can be put together using an allen key which is included with the Family Farm! You’ll also get instructions in the box, and in your email after you make a purchase – just to make sure we’ve got you covered! Of course, if you ever need any help, you can give our friendly Farm Experts a ring!


We’ll be honest, not a lot of effort is required for the Family Farm. Since our Farm is hydroponic, it is uses 90% less water (yay environment) than soil grown plants – meaning you don’t have to spend as much time watering your plants!

The Family farm cuts down watering from a daily chore to something you’d only need to do fortnightly at the worst!

Once your plants have thrived and grown to maturity – they will most likely reach the end of their lives. This is normal and you shouldn’t feel bad, “annuals” are meant to provide just one crop! To replant and get going again all you need to do is empty the water from the basin, pull out the old rockwool cubes, and replace them with new ones – then you can just plant some new seeds and you’re good to go!


What's in the box?

Your family farm comes ready to grow with everything you need to grow your own indoor oasis:

  • 72x Rockwool grow cubes
  • 72x Netcups for rockwool grow cubes
  • Seed bundle with 5 seed sachets to get started!
  • 1L Hydroponic growing nutrients for herbs and leafy greens
  • 6x Water basins
  • 6x Water pumps for water circulation
  • 6x Water level indicators
  • Metal Frame with 3x LED grow light panels
  • Power adaptor


  • Length 38.4cm
  • Width 64.8cm
  • Height 122.5cm
  • Product Weight 37kg

The nitty gritty

  • Product Power 120W
  • Power Supply AC To 24V DC
  • Power Adapter Input 100-240VAC/50-60HZ Output 24V/6.66A
  • Water Capacity 42L (7L X 6)
  • Plant Capacity 72 (12 Pcs X 6)
  • Monthly Energy Consumption 54 KWh (Assuming 12h Operation Per Day)
  • Monthly Energy Cost $13.5 (Assuming $0.25c/KWh Electricity Cost)
  • Plugs into any Australian power outlet.

Can I grow any type of seed?

Yep, our smart gardens don't do anything tricky that would stop you from growing your own seeds - you can pickup seeds from your garden, nursery, or even from that avocado you ate for lunch, and use it in our smart gardens to grow whatever you want! The only constraint is the height of the product!

How does the family farm work?

Plants grown in The Family Farm float directly in the water that they grow in, this results in high water efficiency - reducing the amount of maintenance that the system needs! When its time to refill water, the lights at the bottom of your Family Farm will flash - but don't worry, you'll only need to refill on average once every 2-3 weeks depending on the size of your plants and the temperature and humidity of the room your plants are in! Our Hydroponic nutrients and full spectrum LED grow lights provide your plants with the perfect nutrient balance and light exposure that they need to grow. This means you will experience higher yields and faster growth as your plants do not need to expend energy growing their root system in search of nutrients. You can grow food indoors, reducing the distance food travels to get to you - resulting in a fresher meal on your table, fewer emissions from food miles, and fewer plants subjugated to life in the back of a fridge!

What does it grow in?

Water! The plants are held together in rock wool - which is the product of a rock that has been heated and spun like fairy floss. Rock wool provides uniform oxygenation for a plants roots, as well as a stable medium for the plant to be secured by. Once the roots grow out of the rock wool, they simply float in the water and grow! As a result, you get soil-free growth that makes this product perfect for homes, cafes, restaurants and offices! This Family Farm has 72 of these Rockwool growing pods! So, you can grow a variety of your favorite herbs and veggies.

How long until I have to plant seeds again?

Plant your seeds again once your plants have been completely harvested and the growth cycle is over. Each plant has it's own growth cycle.

  • For Leafy Vegetables 25-40 days
  • For Flowers 2-4 months
  • Fruit Vegetables 2-3 months

How do I refill the family farm?

Its best to let the water level in your basin drop close to the bottom (with perhaps 1cm of water left in the basin) before topping up the water. This is so that your plant roots are forced to extend and grow as much as possible before you soak them again. Refill your family farm by mixing two scoops of hydroponic nutrients per top up. We recommend using a funnel or a narrow nozzle jug to top up water.

How do I harvest my food?

When most plants first sprout, they generally have a set of leaves that look nothing like their fully grown leaves. These are called "Seed leaves" and are just there to power the plant until it is large enough to grow "True leaves" (which look much more like the plant you are expecting to see). The general rule of thumb is that you should wait until your plant has 3 sets of "true leaves" before you cut anything. Once you have these 3 sets of true leaves, you can trim your plant down by cutting off the top section of the plant's main stem with sharp scissors at a 45-degree angle. Try to give the plant 5-10 cm of space between the light and the top set of leaves. Some plants such as basil can be harvested repeatedly, and grow faster with a healthy level of harvesting - whereas other plants such as lettuce are single harvest and are best harvested all in one go.

What happens if something goes wrong?

We don’t expect you’ll have any issues with your Family Farm. However, if you do, we’ll replace anything that misfires in the first year.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Lynne R.
Studio plants

As an artist I love to have plants around me for added inspiration. Fell in love with the Family Farm and have the perfect spot for it in my studio. The smell of fresh herbs especially will be perfect and so looking forward to doing a sketch for my art group. Only received and setup yesterday so about to get planting today. It really is a lovely piece of furniture and so easy to put together. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Lorraine G.
Best purchase ever!

Within 5 minutes of setting up my first, bench-top, garden from Urban Plant Growers, I was hooked. So straightaway I took the plunge and ordered a second, the Family Farm. I now I have a herb garden, a shelf of salad greens, and another shelf of leafy green veg all stagger-growing. Experimenting also with a couple of cherry tomato seedlings on the bottom shelf. I have lots of trees and my house is in full shade. I never thought I would be able to grow my own food, but that has all changed now, thanks to these innovative indoor gardens.

Cyan T.
Good so far with a few glitches

I have really enjoyed having this farm so far, but it definitely has a few personality quirks! About 60% of the plants have grown (despite the seeds being new and multiple seeds being in each hole) and we have had some lovely herbs and lettuces so far! The black water pump comes off the base sometimes and sprays water through the side of the grey units, which is a safety hazard if it happens overnight as one time it sprayed near the power bank. The light on/off appears to run on a 25 hour cycle rather than 24 - I assume that doesn’t matter to the plants, but it does mean that what started out as a daytime light cycle is now in the night (and it’s BRIGHT so lights up the whole room - much to the chagrin of our dogs).

I really want to love it and was originally planning on buying my parents one too, but I think given the issues we have experienced I would wait for a second generation or similar.

In saying all that, I do think units like this are the future and I’m very happy that we’ve invested in the technology early on - it will only get better from here!

Lyndal A.
Life changer

This is the best thing I’ve ever bought for my studio apartment. I really missed having a garden, and my indoor plants weren’t really cutting it. Since having the family farm, I feel I can choose to just set it and let it go, or potter, trim and clean if I want to.

It also looks great, like the prettiest lamp/feature in your home!

Jen A.
HOOKED! Such a good investment

I’d been curious about hydroponics for years, finally took the plunge & I couldn’t be happier, I’m already looking into getting the pots for bigger plants. It’s extremely user friendly & hands free. I’ve got a nice variety of herbs, kale, rocket, silver beet coming up. Support has been great too. 10/10 would recommend.