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Hydroponic Growth Module

Would you like the growth module on its own or with seeds, rockwool and nutrients?

The Hydroponic Growth Module has been a staple of the Urban Plant Growers range for years, being used in both the EcoKitchen and the Family Farm smart gardens. The module is a water reservoir with a 7L capacity, the design prevents light from reaching the nutrient-rich water - limiting the growth of algae in the basin, and leading to healthier and faster growing plants.

Note the growth module is meant to be used with an EcoKitchen or Family Farm. Using the growth module without one of these products will require a light source and an aeration pump

What's included

If you buy the growth module on its own you will get:

  • 7 Litre water reservoir
  • 12x net cups

Buying as a combo will also include:

  • 200mL hydroponic nutrients for herbs and leafy greens
  • 12x Rockwool cubes
  • 1 Packet of Basil Seeds
  • 1 Packet of Dill Seeds
  • Aeration Pump

Setting up your growth module is easy:

  1. Connect basin lid to the base
  2. Insert net cups into slots in basin lid.
  3. Soak rockwool in water for 5 minutes.
  4. Cut rockwool with scissors
  5. Place rockwool cubes in net cups
  6. Add 2-5 seeds per cube - ensure all seeds are wet as this will activate the seeds
  7. After the seeds have sprouted and have formed their first few leaves, add 1 scoop of nutrients to the water and mix thoroughly to ensure it all dissolves.
  8. Add 1mL of nutrients per litre added from that point forward.


  • To reduce algae growth on rockwool, try to limit contact between rockwool and water.
  • High temperature water may cause stress in plant roots.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Debi S.
I’m in sustainable home living heaven

I’ve bought a few items from Urban now and the latest, my special lights has been fabulous. I’m eager to have my seeds sprout and start growing. I’m also planning ahead foe winter to grow more veggies and rely less on store bought items. So exciting.
Very pleased with the ordering and delivery process plus the customer service has been outstanding when I’ve had questions.
Thanks Urban.

Leanne Stephens
Not quite there

Love the module but would like to be able to buy the separate power supply needed to run the pump. Otherwise, it is of no use so no need to supply it.

Greg K.
Great Unit Works Fine

I would like a deeper one maybey 30 litres so when I go on holiday my strawberries won't need topping up with nutrients.

Brooke G.
Hydronic Module

Amazing addition to my full spectrum light! Loving it

Sukesih R.
Not sure how to review yet

I am still learning to grow hydroponic way. My first try was not successful . The seeds were sprouting but then they wilted and the stalk were not strong enough to support themselves since they are too skinny. I restarted with new seeds and less water yesterday. Hopefully they grow well.

Hey Sukesih,

Keep going! It can take a few tries to get the hang of things. If you have any specific questions send us a message through our social media or email and we can help you out.