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Hydroponic Nutrients - Strawberries

Our liquid nutrients for herbs and leafy greens is the ideal solution for the home grower.

  • Contains the essential minerals required for plants to grow.
  • pH buffered to ensure all minerals are available to the plant.
  • Easy to use
  • Makes up to 200L of solution per litre of nutrient.

WARNING: Do not consume.


Using nutrients without a nutrient meter:

  1. Add 5mL nutrients per litre of water.
  2. Add the mixed nutrient solution to your plant.
  3. As soon as your plant starts to flower, increase dosage to 7mL per litre, and work up to 10mL over the next two weeks. Use 10mL per litre moving forward.

Using our nutrients with a nutrient meter:

  1. Every plant has a different nutrient requirement for plant growth, to give your plant the best chance for growth, we recommend searching up the plant you're growing in our database here, to determine what nutrient concentration will help you get the best results out of your plants.
  2. Then use your Urban Plant Growers nutrient meter to test the nutrient concentration of your water.
  3. Add water to dilute the solution, or nutrients to increase the concentration as required.

General notes

Micronutrients and trace elements may build up in the solution over time as some elements are used more than others.


Nutrient composition

Nitrogen (1.88 g/L), Phosphorus (0.31 g/L), Potassium (2.51 g/L), Calcium (0.70 g/L), Magnesium (0.37 g/L), Sulfate (0.15 g/L), Iron (0.031 g/L), Manganese (0.0095 g/L), Boron (0.0021 g/L), Zinc (0.0020 g/L), Copper 0.0010 g/L), Molybdenum (0.0005 g/L)

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