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Lettuce Cimmaron Seeds

This super fresh crispy lettuce is perfect for indoor growth and can be used in an endless number of salads and sandwiches! Grow them hydroponically in your indoor grow kits to save time, water, and stress!

This heirloom Cos lettuce, Cimmamon is super easy to grow hydroponically so chuck it in one of your units and watch it grow! These can often take a little while to germinate so be patient! No need to use all the seeds at once though as there are way too many for one round of growing. It may be a good idea to start growing a small amount in one grow pot, before waiting a few weeks to plant seeds in the other. This way you allow for some crop rotation so that you always have a crop available!

Harvesting; Once your plants are about 10cm tall you can begin to harvest them! Pick the outer leaves continually or if you’re hungry you can pick the whole plant and plant some replacement seeds

Cimmaron lettuce is perfect for eating fresh in salads or if you’re feeling adventurous; try adding it to a stir fry for a lovely rich lettuce flavour!

  • Attractive bronze foliage
  • Suitable for growing all year
Scientific Name Lactuca sativa
Quantity of seeds ~150
Planting Depth 6 mm
Plant height 30 cm
Days to Maturity 60
Lifespan Annual
Tips This particular variety loves humid weather!