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Chrysanthemum Seeds - Rainbow Variety - Seeds

Chrysanthemums are beautiful herbaceous flowers that can be used to add a little colour to your house, you can even use them to make tea! This Rainbow variety contains a mix of bi-coloured tri-coloured flowers making them a stunning flower to grow indoors. Grow them hydroponically in your indoor grows kits to save time, water, and stress!

This variety is known as a Chrysanthemum-Rainbow single mix (Ismelia carinata) and the petals can be dried to make a beautiful delicate tea.

Scientific Name  Ismelia carinata

Quantity of seeds


Planting Depth

4 mm

Days to Maturity



Half Hardy Annual


Deadhead to prolong the flowering. They can sometimes grow a little tall so make sure to prune them as you go to make sure they fit in your garden!