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The GrowCube is an easy to use LED grow light which enables you to grow your own indoor plants, seedlings, microgreens and more from the comfort of your own home


The LED Grow lights replicate the wavelength of light that plants need to grow. This wavelength is usually a small band of blue light between 430 and 450 nm, and red light between 640 and 680 nm which when combined result in a purple glow. With this product however, we have incorporated other wavelengths of light, resulting in a warm white light colour which is a comfortable addition to any home.

  • High-performance full spectrum SMD (surface mounted diode) LED grow lights with integrated 14 hours on/10 hours off timer.
  • Robust and environmentally friendly bamboo frame
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant zinc-coated steel screws
  • Power Supply: AC to 24V DC Power adapter (Australian Outlet)

The GroCube comes with:

  • Bamboo structure (with integrated full spectrum SMD LED grow lights)
  • Power adaptor (for Australian outlet)
  • Instruction manual

The product does not come with grown plants as seen in the picture above. Seeds are not included in the base product, however, they are included in the Combo Kit or can be purchased in-store. Seeds and Nutrients not sold with international shipments. Some assembly required.


GrowCube Dimensions: 38 cm x 38 cm x 32 cm (roughly the size of a milk crate!)

Grow Cube Max Dimensions: 73 cm x 38 cm x 32cm

Product Weight: 2.5 kg & 3.5

Monthly energy cost* ~ $3

*Assumes operation for 14 hours per day, with electricity costs as average Australian prices ($0.25/kWh).